Kath Noble


This is a selection from the weekly column I wrote for The Island and Colombo Telegraph between 2012 and 2013.

Some of the articles were reproduced by other newspapers, including Ceylon Today and The Sunday Leader.

University of Central Lancashire

September 2013

Asking why the Government is replacing free education with Free Education Zones. More

Northern fishermen

August 2013

Calling on the TNA to defend the interests of the Tamil fishermen of the North and East. More

numbers game

July 2013

A two-part article reviewing a new study of civilian deaths in the war. Part 1 Part 2

hakeem and devananda

June 2013

Why the 13th Amendment must be implemented. More


April 2013

On the rise in electricity prices and how the Government is making the masses pay. More

Faraz Shauketaly

February 2013

Why our response to attacks on journalists has to be smarter. More

bodu bala sena

January 2013

Highlighting the responsibility of the Government to rein in Sinhalese Buddhist extremists. More

chamal rajapaksa

December 2012

On MPs’ contributions to the budget debate. More

20121107_The good news and the bad news

November 2012

Linking the attempted impeachment of the Chief Justice with efforts to further centralise power in the office of the President. More

20121017_The deafening silence on electoral reforms

October 2012

Why Mahinda Rajapaksa wants to get rid of Proportional Representation and why Ranil Wickremasinghe is ready to help him. More

Abdul Majeed

September 2012

On the results of the Eastern Provincial Council elections and prospects in the North. More

Manik Farm

September 2012

Questioning the official narrative that people displaced by the war are now home and dry. More

20120822_Divi Neguma

August 2012

How the President is promoting his relatives to consolidate his grip on power. More

20120801_Another kind of elephant in the room

August 2012

On the Government’s hit and miss plans for infrastructure development. More

20120704_Mahinda Rajapaksa's rural cunning

July 2012

Why Sri Lanka’s problems with the international community are not the product of misguided or poorly implemented foreign policy but of wrong-headed domestic policy. More

The army's no-war games

June 2012

Arguing for demilitarisation that goes beyond removing checkpoints and reducing the size of High Security Zones. More

All my pieces from the period 2012-2013 can be found in the archives of this blog.