Kath Noble


This is a selection of the pieces I wrote for The Island – a well known national newspaper in Sri Lanka – between 2007 and 2010.

April 2010

Why the Government should start a dialogue with the Tamil National Alliance – a party that once took orders from the LTTE. More

April 2010

Meeting paddy farmers in Polonnaruwa to find out if intervention is working. More

March 2010

What to look for in the proposed Right to Information Act. More

December 2009

How the international community failed to save Tamil civilians during the war and is now failing in its bid to promote reconciliation. More

September 2009

Honouring those who fought and died for a cause – reflections on the death of a British soldier in Afghanistan. More

June 2009

How we are falling short in our response to attacks on journalists. More

April 2009

What foreigners don’t know about what’s happening in the Vanni. More

March 2009

What to make of the Government’s admission that it is seeking an emergency loan from the IMF – an institution it professed to detest. More

October 2008

How the Supreme Court is exceeding its mandate. More

July 2008

What happened to the $3.3 billion that was promised to Sri Lanka in the aftermath of the tsunami. More

May 2008

Why the international observers of the Commission of Inquiry into serious human rights abuses should not have given up. More

April 2008

How the British did a deal with the IRA and why the LTTE won’t follow suit. More

February 2008

Why the Free Trade Agreement with India isn’t as great a success as the Government would have us believe. More

October 2007

Reflecting on NATO intervention in Kosovo as Louise Arbour visits Sri Lanka. More

August 2007

An interview with Simon Hughes MP in which he tries to explain why he is one of the Government’s most outspoken critics in the UK. More

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Here is a list of my published articles in date order:

128. Worrying developments http://www.island.lk/2010/06/09/midweek1.html
127. In search of a real miracle http://www.island.lk/2010/06/02/features1.html
126. A week to remember http://www.island.lk/2010/05/19/features1.html
125. A tale of two elections http://www.island.lk/2010/05/12/features4.html
124. Waiting for spring to come http://www.island.lk/2010/05/05/features9.html
123. Let’s not have any more wars http://www.island.lk/2010/04/28/midweek3.html
122. The uninspiring politics of the Western Province http://www.island.lk/2010/04/21/features9.html
121. Will this be a happy New Year for Sri Lanka’s farmers? http://www.island.lk/2010/04/17/features1.html
120. Putting the Emergency Regulations on trial http://www.island.lk/2010/04/07/midweek5.html
119. View from the No Fire Zone http://www.island.lk/2010/03/31/midweek1.html
118. Another perfectly ‘reasonable’ idea http://www.island.lk/2010/03/17/features10.html
117. Understanding the calls for accountability http://www.island.lk/2010/03/10/features4.html
116. Let the people have what’s theirs http://www.island.lk/2010/03/03/features6.html
115. Rocking the boat http://www.island.lk/2010/02/17/midweek1.html
114. A cautionary tale http://www.island.lk/2010/02/03/midweek1.html
113. A pink revolution? http://www.island.lk/2010/01/27/midweek1.html
112. Finally, the manifestos! http://www.island.lk/2010/01/20/features5.html
111. It’s politics, stupid http://www.island.lk/2010/01/13/features1.html
110. A people-centred foreign policy http://www.island.lk/2010/01/06/midweek1.html

109. The UN’s butterfly effect http://www.island.lk/2009/12/30/features7.html
108. There’s no place like home http://www.island.lk/2009/12/23/midweek1.html
107. The only merit of the Sarath Fonseka campaign http://www.island.lk/2009/12/16/midweek4.html
106. Trading a world away http://www.island.lk/2009/12/02/features3.html
105. The latest conspiracy theory http://www.island.lk/2009/11/18/features2.html
104. Enrolling in the University of Life http://www.island.lk/2009/11/11/features3.html
103. Don’t mention the obvious http://www.island.lk/2009/11/04/features6.html
102. The R Word http://www.island.lk/2009/10/28/features8.html
101. The siege is over http://www.island.lk/2009/10/21/features7.html
100. A postscript on the IDPs http://www.island.lk/2009/10/07/midweek5.html
99. Security matters http://www.island.lk/2009/09/30/midweek1.html
98. Betraying the dead http://www.island.lk/2009/09/23/midweek1.html
97. Lessons from Honduras http://www.island.lk/2009/09/16/features5.html
96. Ways and means of preventing terrorism http://www.island.lk/2009/09/09/midweek2.html
95. What the Channel 4 video means http://www.island.lk/2009/09/02/features5.html
94. Painting over the cracks http://www.island.lk/2009/08/26/features5.html
93. Bearing false witness http://www.island.lk/2009/08/20/features3.html
92. Hang on a minute http://www.island.lk/2009/07/29/features1.html
91. Sri Lanka’s lucky number http://www.island.lk/2009/07/22/features8.html
90. Election fever http://www.island.lk/2009/07/15/features3.html
89. What happened to their children http://www.island.lk/2009/07/08/features1.html
88. The truth about IDP camps http://www.island.lk/2009/07/01/midweek4.html
87. Keep the victories coming http://www.island.lk/2009/06/17/features12.html
86. Cut off the telephone http://www.island.lk/2009/06/10/features8.html
85. The fear factor http://www.island.lk/2009/06/03/midweek4.html
84. Crime and punishment http://www.island.lk/2009/05/27/features11.html
83. And how would you like to pay for that? http://www.island.lk/2009/05/14/features5.html
82. The Global Game http://www.island.lk/2009/05/06/features1.html
81. Looking down on the United Nations http://www.island.lk/2009/04/29/features3.html
80. Killing them softly http://www.island.lk/2009/04/22/features2.html
79. British blunders http://www.island.lk/2009/04/16/features5.html
78. Drunk on nationalist spirit http://www.island.lk/2009/03/18/features1.html
77. How to look stupid http://www.island.lk/2009/03/11/features1.html
76. How to ruin a perfectly good idea http://www.island.lk/2009/03/04/features1.html
75. Other battles still to be won http://www.island.lk/2009/02/25/midweek5.html
74. Poor old Des Browne http://www.island.lk/2009/02/19/features1.html
73. In the face of criticism http://www.island.lk/2009/02/11/features1.html
72. Profit and privatisation http://www.island.lk/2009/02/04/midweek4.html
71. From Gaza to the Vanni http://www.island.lk/2009/01/21/features1.html
70. Stop all the clocks http://www.island.lk/2009/01/14/midweek1.html

69. Let there be oversight http://www.island.lk/2008/12/31/features5.html
68. British politicians lose the plot again http://www.island.lk/2008/12/24/midweek1.html
67. Genocide jokers http://www.island.lk/2008/12/17/midweek1.html
66. And then there were none http://www.island.lk/2008/12/10/features1.html
65. To ban or not to ban http://www.island.lk/2008/12/03/features1.html
64. Putting the cat among the pigeons http://www.island.lk/2008/11/26/midweek1.html
63. Daring to hope for change http://www.island.lk/2008/11/19/features8.html
62. The monster returns http://www.island.lk/2008/11/12/midweek4.html
61. Another Ram Sethu http://www.island.lk/2008/10/29/midweek1.html
60. Defending the public interest http://www.island.lk/2008/10/22/midweek1.html
59. What’s in a name? http://www.island.lk/2008/10/15/midweek1.html
58. Why journalists don’t trust NGOs http://www.island.lk/2008/10/08/midweek1.html
57. Democracy, reality and Lord Alderdice http://www.island.lk/2008/10/01/midweek1.html
56. Real solutions or simply rhetoric http://www.island.lk/2008/09/24/midweek1.html
55. Never again, but there are no guarantees in London http://www.island.lk/2008/09/17/midweek5.html
54. In conversation with an international observer http://www.island.lk/2008/09/10/features6.html
53. Keeping developing countries hooked on the aid drug http://www.island.lk/2008/09/03/midweek1.html
52. The propaganda war and its wily protagonists http://www.island.lk/2008/08/27/midweek1.html
51. Stalemate at the World Trade Organisation http://www.island.lk/2008/08/06/features5.html
50. Fertile ground for change http://www.island.lk/2008/07/30/features9.html
49. The Karuna file: British justice fails the NGO test http://www.island.lk/2008/07/24/features1.html
48. The sky isn’t the limit. It’s land http://www.island.lk/2008/07/16/midweek5.html
47. A bridge too far http://www.island.lk/2008/07/09/features1.html
46. On beggars, neighbours and putting a stop to bad habits http://www.island.lk/2008/07/02/features8.html
45. Sri Lankan diplomacy and the British monarchy http://www.island.lk/2008/06/25/midweek1.html
44. Genuine protests or political games? http://www.island.lk/2008/06/18/midweek1.html
43. Visionaries from afar http://www.island.lk/2008/06/11/midweek1.html
42. Why I worry about coal http://www.island.lk/2008/06/04/midweek4.html
41. When democracy gets in the way of other agendas http://www.island.lk/2008/05/28/midweek4.html
40. Gunboats, aid agencies and genuine benevolence http://www.island.lk/2008/05/21/features7.html
39. On global standards for public inquiries http://www.island.lk/2008/05/14/features6.html
38. Morality, the arms trade and Sri Lanka http://www.island.lk/2008/04/30/midweek5.html
37. The Ugandan Model http://www.island.lk/2008/04/23/features10.html
36. Whose responsibility? http://www.island.lk/2008/04/16/midweek4.html
35. Spring cleaning at the World Bank http://www.island.lk/2008/04/09/features3.html
34. Talk, but don’t be stupid http://www.island.lk/2008/04/02/features5.html
33. Intellectual property: their idea, your money or your life! http://www.island.lk/2008/03/19/midweek1.html
32. One of the deadliest jobs in Sri Lanka http://www.island.lk/2008/03/12/midweek4.html
31. On food, fuel and the state of public debate http://www.island.lk/2008/03/05/features6.html
30. Forget it, Prabhakaran http://www.island.lk/2008/02/27/features6.html
29. The cost of free trade http://www.island.lk/2008/02/20/features9.html
28. When apologies aren’t enough http://www.island.lk/2008/02/13/midweek4.html
27. Modern day missionaries http://www.island.lk/2008/02/06/midweek2.html
26. Protecting the poor http://www.island.lk/2008/01/09/features1.html
25. Waiting for the APRC http://www.island.lk/2008/01/16/midweek6.html
24. Two visions, one world http://www.island.lk/2008/01/23/features8.html
23. On injustice, impunity and Karuna http://www.island.lk/2008/01/30/midweek1.html

22. Mass arrests and severe satire http://www.island.lk/2007/12/19/midweek4.html
21. Ups and downs at the United Nations http://www.island.lk/2007/12/12/midweek2.html
20. Recovering sovereignty: the Bank of the South http://www.island.lk/2007/12/05/features1.html
19. On the ongoing struggle for press freedom http://www.island.lk/2007/11/28/features3.html
18. Chamali4London: Young, Fresh and Unspun http://www.island.lk/2007/11/21/midweek4.html
17. Truth, lies and foreign journalists http://www.island.lk/2007/11/14/midweek4.html
16. Disaster Capitalism http://www.island.lk/2007/11/07/features1.html
15. Terrorists: are you for or against them? http://www.island.lk/2007/10/31/features1.html
14. Foreign intervention, Louise Arbour and former Yugoslavia http://www.island.lk/2007/10/24/features3.html
13. Poverty and its persistence http://www.island.lk/2007/10/17/midweek4.html
12. The fate of federalism http://www.island.lk/2007/10/10/midweek5.html
11. Smoke, mirrors and climate change http://www.island.lk/2007/10/03/midweek2.html
10. Peacemongers http://www.island.lk/2007/09/26/midweek4.html
9. Here’s to good health http://www.island.lk/2007/09/19/midweek6.html
8. The green fields of Northern Ireland http://www.island.lk/2007/09/12/midweek1.html
7. The Great Water Robbery http://www.island.lk/2007/09/05/features1.html
6. An Eminent Person – Sir Nigel Rodley http://www.island.lk/2007/08/29/midweek1.html
5. Wise up, Simon Hughes http://www.island.lk/2007/08/22/midweek1.html
4. No need for good governance at the IMF http://www.island.lk/2007/08/15/midweek3.html
3. The State of British Politics http://www.island.lk/2007/08/08/midweek5.html
2. Are trade unions under attack? http://www.island.lk/2007/08/01/midweek6.html
1. Human rights: who is guarding the guardians? http://www.island.lk/2007/07/18/midweek5.html